Hanqing Guo (郭汉卿)

Assistant Professor
University of Hawaii at Mānoa

guohanqi at hawaii dot edu

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Research Interest: Cybersecurity, Trustworthy AI, Mobile System & Sensing

Openings: I am looking for new PhD students to join my research team, if you are passionate about related research topics, please email with your CV and couple sentences about your research interest. I am excited to have you here to work with me together at Hawaii!

I successfully defended my Ph.D. dissertation titled "Toward private, secure, and robust AI-enabled voice services"
I am selected as the Artifact Evaluation Program Committee of MobiCom 2024.
I am selected as the Artifact Evaluation Program Committee of MobiSys 2024.
I serve as the external reviewer of IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC) 2024.


I am an incoming tenure-track assistant professor at University of Hawaii at Mānoa, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Prior to this, I complete my Phd study at the Michigan State University, SEIT(SEcure and Intelligent Things) lab and eLANS (experimental Laboratory for Advanced Networks and Systems) lab. My research interests include signal processing, speech recognition, machine learning, AI-enabled mobile systems. I was co-advised by Dr. Li Xiao and Dr. Qiben Yan.

I received my MS for Computer Science at Ball State University, working with Dr.Shaoen Wu. I received my B.Sc for Telecommunication Engineering from Chongqing University of Posts of Telecommunications (CQUPT).

🌎 Industry Experience

  • Amazon , San Diego, CA USA | Jun-Aug 2023
    Account Integrity Team, Applied Scientist Intern.
  • Samsung Research America, Mountain View, CA USA | May-Dec 2022
    Knox AI/Mobile/Privacy Group, Research Intern.

📘 Publication


  • Beyond Boundaries: A Comprehensive Survey of Transferable Attacks on AI SystemsLink ]
    Guangjing Wang, Ce Zhou, Yuanda Wang, Bocheng Chen, Hanqing Guo and Qiben Yan


  • Speaker Verification System Using Ultrasound Energy In Human SpeechLink ]
    Qiben Yan, Hanqing Guo, Li Xiao
    US Patent App. 18/311,412.
  • MASTERKEY: Practical Backdoor Attack Against Speaker Verification SystemsPDF ] [ Demo ] [ Slide ]
    Hanqing Guo, Xun Chen, Junfeng Guo, Li Xiao, Qiben Yan
    ACM Mobicom 2023.
  • PhantomSound: Black-Box, Query-Efficient Audio Adversarial Attack via Split-Second Phoneme InjectionPDF ] [ Slide ]
    Hanqing Guo, Guangjing Wang, Yuanda Wang, Guangjing Wang, Bocheng Chen, Yuanda Wang, Qiben Yan, Li Xiao
    RAID 2023.
  • Federated IoT Interaction Vulnerability AnalysisPDF ]
    Guangjing Wang, Hanqing Guo, Anran Li, Xiaorui Liu, Qiben Yan
    IEEE ICDE 2023.
  • VSMask: Defending Against Voice Synthesis Attack via Real-Time Predictive PerturbationPDF ]
    Yuanda Wang, Hanqing Guo, Guangjing Wang, Bocheng Chen, Qiben Yan
    ACM WiSec 2023.
  • Understanding Multi-Turn Toxic Behaviors in Open-Domain ChatbotsPDF ]
    Bocheng Chen, Guangjing Wang, Hanqing Guo, Yuanda Wang, Qiben Yan
    RAID 2023.
  • SCALE-UP: Efficient Blackbox Input-level Backdoor Detection via Analyzing Scaled Prediction ConsistencyPDF ] [ Code ]
    Junfeng Guo, Yiming Li, Xun Chen, Hanqing Guo, Lichao Sun, Cong Liu
    ICLR 2023.


  • SpecPatch: Human-In-The-Loop Adversarial Audio Spectrogram Patch Attack on Speech RecognitionPDF ] [ Demo ] [ Slide ] Best Paper Honorable Mention Award
    Hanqing Guo, Yuanda Wang, Nikolay Ivanov, Li Xiao, Qiben Yan
    ACM CCS 2022.
  • U-star: An underwater navigation system based on passive 3d optical identification tagsPDF ]
    Xiao Zhang, Hanqing Guo, James M Mariani, Li Xiao
    ACM Mobicom 2022.
  • NEC: Speaker Selective Cancellation via Neural Enhanced Ultrasound ShadowingPDF ] [ Demo ] [ Slide ]
    Meida Cover:  New Scientist,  ACM TechNews 
    Hanqing Guo*, Chenning Li*, Lingkun Li, Zhichao Cao, Qiben Yan, Li Xiao (* indicate co-first author)
    IEEE DSN 2022.
  • GhostTalk: Interactive Attack on Smartphone Voice System Through Power LinePDF ] [ Demo ] [ Slide ]
    Yuanda Wang, Hanqing Guo, Qiben Yan
    NDSS 2022.
  • SuperVoice: Text-Independent Speaker Verification Using Ultrasound Energy in Human SpeechPDF ] [ Demo ] [ Slide ]
    Hanqing Guo, Qiben Yan, Nikolay Ivanov, Ying Zhu, Li Xiao, Eric J. Hunter
    ACM ASIACCS 2022.


  • NELoRa: Towards Ultra-low SNR LoRa Communication with Neural-enhanced DemodulationPDF ] [ Code ] [ Slide ]
    Best Paper Award
    Chenning Li, Hanqing Guo, Shuai Tong, Xiao Zeng, Zhichao Cao, Mi Zhang, Qiben Yan, Li Xiao, Jiliang Wang, Yunhao Liu
    ACM SenSys 2021.
  • Surfingattack: Interactive hidden attack on voice assistants using ultrasonic guided wavesPDF ][ Demo ] [ Slide ]
    Qiben Yan, Kehai Liu, Qin Zhou, Hanqing Guo, Ning Zhang
    NDSS 2021.
  • Rectifying administrated ERC20 tokensPDF ] [ Slide ]
    Nikolay Ivanov, Hanqing Guo, Qiben Yan
    ICICS 2021.


  • Deep Learning Driven Wireless Real-time Human Activity RecognitionPDF ]
    Hanqing Guo, Nan Zhang, Shaoen Wu, Qing Yang
    IEEE ICC 2020.
  • HICFR: Real Time 3D Indoor Human Image Capturing Based on FMCW RadarPDF ] [ Demo ]
    Hanqing Guo, Nan Zhang, Wenjun Shi, S. AIQarni, Shaoen Wu
    IEEE ICME 2019.
  • DSIC: Deep learning based self-interference cancellation for in-band full duplex wirelessPDF ]
    Best Paper Award
    Hanqing Guo, Shaoen Wu, Honggang Wang, Mahmoud Daneshmand
  • In-band full duplex wireless communications and networking for IoT devices: Progress, challenges and opportunitiesPDF ]
    Shaoen Wu, Hanqing Guo, Junhong Xu, Shangyue Zhu, Honggang Wang
    Future Generation Computer Systems 2019.
  • Non-contact non-invasive heart and respiration rates monitoring with MIMO radar sensingPDF ]
    Qiwei Liu, Hanqing Guo, Junhong Xu, Honggang Wang, Aron Kageza, Saeed AlQarni, Shaoen Wu
  • Indoor multi-sensory self-supervised autonomous mobile robotic navigationPDF ]
    Juhong Xu, Hanqing Guo, Shaoen Wu
    IEEE ICII 2018.

🤝 Professional Service

  • Program Committee:
    • IEEE DSN 2023 Doctroal Forum
  • Reviewer:
    • IEEE INFOCOM 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024
    • IEEE ICC 2021, 2022
    • IEEE ICDCS 2021
    • Transactions on Information Forensics & Security (TIFS) 2022, 2023
    • Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing (TDSC) 2022, 2023
    • Transactions on Sensor Networks (TOSN) 2021, 2022
  • Invited Talks:
    • Oct. 2023 - MSU graduate seminar: "Backdoor Attack Against Speaker Verification Systems"
    • Dec. 2022 - Southeast University Cybersecurity Seminar: "Toward private, secure, and robust voice services"
    • March. 2022 - MSU graduate seminar: "SuperVoice: Speaker Verification Using Ultrasound"

Teaching Experience

  • CSE 260: Discrete Structures in Computer Science. Spring 2022
    Discrete Mathematics and its Applications.
  • CSE 410: Operating System. Fall 2021
    Design C++ programming projects; Teach Linux/Unix system.
  • CSE 232: Introduction to Programming II. Fall 2019
    Teach two sections students for C++ programming.

🌟 Award

  • ACM CCS: Best Paper Honorable Mention Award| Nov. 2022
  • ACM CCS: Student Travel Grant | Oct. 2022
  • IEEE DSN: Student Travel Grant | Jun. 2022
  • ACM SenSys: Best Paper Award | Sep. 2022
  • IEEE Globecom: Best Paper Award | Dec. 2019
  • Ball State University: Graduate Merit Scholarships | Mar. 2018